Unforgettable After-Hours Wine Experiences in Downtown Napa

After a day of indulging in wine tastings, exceptional wine experiences in downtown Napa don’t have to end. With Alta Luxury Transportation Services, let us safely chauffeur you to the continuation of your wine journey, as the sun sets and downtown Napa comes alive with after-hours tasting rooms. Our professional chauffeurs ensure your comfort and safety, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine without worrying about driving. Join us as we uncover the finest late-night wine destinations – the perfect nightcap to your day in wine country.

John Anthony Vineyards:

Experience the essence of a true artisan’s legacy and elevate your wine-tasting journey to unparalleled heights with John Anthony Vineyards. Rooted in a rich farming background, John Anthony’s approach to winemaking is an inspiring tribute to terroir and is backed by a relentless pursuit of excellence. The wines beautifully showcase the diversity of viticultural areas, noble varietals, and even library vintages, creating a captivating symphony of flavors that will leave your senses enchanted.

JaM Cellars:

Step into the unparalleled JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio, brought to you by the renowned makers of Butter Chardonnay. Discover a casual, rock ‘n roll vibe in downtown Napa, where their smashing wines and soulful music create an extraordinary experience. Sip and unwind to the tunes of their state-of-the-art sound system, classic vinyl collection, and captivating live music JaMSessions. With bites, bubbles and beats, JaM Cellars is the perfect way to end your day in Napa on a high note.

Vermeil Wines:

Rooted in rich history and nurtured by esteemed winemakers Thomas Brown and Andy Jones, Vermeil Wines is an absolute must-visit for wine enthusiasts seeking excellence and a deep connection to the heritage of the Napa Valley.

Acumen Wines:

With a portfolio of wines from their organically-farmed Estate vineyards on Atlas Peak, Acumen Wines offers a myriad of tasting experiences including culinary offerings, Champagne flights, and even an art gallery.

Krupp Brothers:

Embark on an unforgettable wine pilgrimage at Krupp Brothers, where the culmination of two brothers’ lifelong dedication and passion unfolds through meticulously selected fruit and iconic vineyards, inviting you to taste the wines that embody their vision and relentless pursuit of excellence.

So sit back, relax, and allow us to unveil the hidden wonders of downtown Napa Valley after-hours, ensuring every moment of your wine country adventures is tailored to your desires.