Pouring Love: 5 Reasons Why Red Wine Trumps Red Roses for Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley


Love is in the air, and this Valentine’s Day, we’re making a bold declaration: red wine over red roses. Here are five compelling reasons why a weekend in Napa is the ultimate symbol of romance this year.

  1. Vineyard Vibes: As bud break draws near, ALTA takes you off the beaten path to witness the exclusive magic of the winemaking process. Our insider knowledge leads you to wineries where crews meticulously prune and prepare the vines for the upcoming vintage. It’s more than just a beverage; it’s a curated celebration of the love and labor poured into every bottle. Join us for an intimate peek into the heart of the vineyards, where the art of winemaking comes alive.
  2. Cozy Up in Wine Country Style: While winter lingers, Napa’s wine country offers the perfect ambiance for a romantic cuddle. The weather is cool enough to snuggle under a blanket by the firepit, yet mild compared to the chill elsewhere. Picture it: a glass of red, a crackling fire, and the warmth of your loved one. ALTA Recommends @‌alilanapavalley@bardessonoyountville or @‌solageauberge for the ultimate firepit experience.
  3. Cabernet Season for a Reason: With the winter clouds parting, Napa’s signature varietals and blends take center stage. Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of the valley, showcases its beauty in the cool weather. Plus – red wine not only tantalizes the senses with its aroma but also lasts much longer than a fleeting bouquet of roses. ALTA Recommends Von Strasser Winery, @‌lagiermeredith and @‌oshaughnessywinery for a unique trio of Cabernet houses in Napa Valley.
  4. Dine in Style: Napa leaves no room for disappointment when it comes to date night venues. From world-renowned restaurants to intimate gems and lively social spots, the valley caters to every romantic whim. Elevate your Valentine’s Day with a culinary experience as exquisite as your love. ALTA Recommends @‌_tfl_ , @latoquerestaurant and @‌aubergedusoleil.
  5. Nature’s Palette: Napa Valley bursts with vibrant colors during the season of love. Green hills, golden mustards and dandelions, purple pea blossoms, and lively cover crops paint a picturesque backdrop. The landscape is a testament to the kaleidoscope of emotions that only Napa can evoke. ALTA Recommends Bothe-Valley State Park, Alton Park and Lake Hennessey.


BONUS: Chase Waterfalls, Not Roses: Make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable by exploring Napa’s most spectacular waterfalls. Ask your ALTA driver to prepare a picnic, complete with a towel and umbrella, just in case. We’ll drop you at one of our local favorites for a truly spectacular afternoon. Because in Napa, love flows as gracefully as the waterfalls.