10 New Experiences for a New Year


As we usher in a new year, the world of wine beckons with a fresh array of experiences waiting to be savored. At ALTA Luxury Transportation, we’re here to ensure that your journey through these vinicultural delights is nothing short of extraordinary. Buckle up as we unveil ten new experiences for the new year, each paired with insider access tips and seamless transport options.


1. Second Story Healdsburg: Noma Alum’s New Tasting Menu Insider Tip: Arrive early to secure a coveted seat overlooking Healdsburg’s charming square. ALTA’s chauffeurs know the best routes to avoid any potential traffic snarls.
2. Donum Estate: Vertical Panorama Pavilion Tastings Insider Tip: This elevated experience deserves an equally exquisite ride. Our luxury vehicles complement the panoramic views at Donum Estate, ensuring a journey as memorable as the tasting.
3. The Pavilion by Ink Grade: Showcasing Ink Grade’s Unique Vineyard Site Insider Tip: This hidden gem requires a discerning touch to find. Let ALTA’s drivers navigate the scenic roads, ensuring you arrive at this extraordinary tasting space with ease.
4. Flint Knoll Wines Insider Tip: Experience the newest kid on the [Spring Mountain] block! Boasting incredible wines and views, the real treat here lies in knowing what to ask for – their exclusive wine and cigar pairing experience.
5. Napa Valley Truffle Festival Insider Tip: This festival is a must for any gastronome. ALTA’s knowledgeable drivers can recommend the most delectable truffle-infused experiences in the area.
6. Winter Wineland Insider Tip: The sheer scale of Winter Wineland can be overwhelming. Rely on ALTA to help you create a customized itinerary, ensuring you make the most of this grand event.
7. Arch & Tower by Mondavi Wines Insider Tip: Reservations are a must at this exclusive venue. ALTA’s connections in the industry can help secure that sought-after spot for your visit.
8. Mathew Bruno Wines Insider Tip: Mathew Bruno’s new offerings are generating quite the buzz. Let ALTA whisk you away to this exciting new destination, where you can savor these exquisite vintages.
9. Napa Cocktail Crawl – Unveiling The Fink, Chispa, Wilfred’s, Morimoto, Jax, arBARetum, Bar Zuzu, The Warren Insider Tip: Navigating a cocktail crawl can be tricky, especially after indulging. Trust ALTA to provide a safe and stylish mode of transport, so you can enjoy the evening worry-free.
10. Valette Wine Club Tastings at The Matheson Insider Tip: This is an experience that should be savored to the fullest. Let ALTA take care of the logistics, so you can focus on immersing yourself in the world of Valette Wine Club.


Embark on a journey of refined tastes and unforgettable moments with ALTA Luxury Transportation. Our fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles and seasoned chauffeurs are poised to make your wine experiences in 2024 nothing short of extraordinary. Cheers to a year filled with exceptional wines and even more exceptional memories!


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